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Kiana was purpose built in 1990 as a Great Barrier Reef sail, snorkel and dive vessel. 

Our owner and master, Brent, first climbed aboard MS Kiana in 2000, and commenced work as a dive instructor. Quickly falling in love with the vessel, and operation, Brent obtained his Masters Certifications and in 2021, purchased the business and fulfilling his dream of owning a dive and snorkel charter vessel, exploring his beloved Great Barrier Reef.

Kiana Sail & Dive now proudly offers guests a unique Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands experience. After COVID lockdowns and Government grants allowed our team to explore beyond the usual local dive sites, Kiana's exploration journeys allowed our team to develop a product to EXPLORE THE UNEXPLORED, and offer a Great Barrier Reef experience like never seen before!

For more information and to experience a Kiana expedition for yourself, check out our TOURS page!

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